Long ago, the continent of Aldmera was home to a prosperous human civilization called the Etreri. Art, poetry, science, and mastery of the elemental forces all flourished, and a great peace was enjoyed by all. The Great Invasion brought and end to the times of plenty. Hundreds of great dragons, winged serpents of terrible power, came across the sea. The peaceful Etreri were no match for the onslaught of fire and blood, and succumbed quickly to the invaders, who had no sooner conquered Aldmera than turned on one another in competition for the great wealth to be found. The people were shattered, most of the great cities torn down and all the wealth and knowledge tucked away into dragon hoards, and the great advances of science and art were lost.


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Most of humanity now lives in small, rural villages. Some people, hatefully referred to as “dragonsworn” by the rest of Aldmera, have pledged themselves to the service of various draconic overlords, and scour the countryside on their behalf exacting tribute and loyalty from the populace by force of arms. Among the folk who could master the elements to their command prior to the arrival of the wyrms, few remain, as they are hunted by dragonsworn at every turn. Most of the mighty dragons have taken up palaces and ruined cities as strongholds and care only for increasing their own wealth and status, all sense of cohesion and teamwork lost.

It has been over a hundred years since the first dragons flew over the shores of Aldmera, and humanity is starting to rally. Many are resentful of the yoke and of raiding dragonsworn, and have begun to band together to take back what was once theirs.