Magic in Aldmera is tied heavily to the elements. Certain people can harness elemental forces and bend them to their will.

Essence Points
In order to cast a spell, a character must expend energy from a reserve called their essence pool. Certain classes, talents, and birthsigns grant a character points for their essence pool. Each character who can cast has a limit of how much essence he can expend at a time, known as his casting threshold. This threshold equals half the character's level rounded down. For instance, a 5th level character has a casting threshold of 2, and can only expend 2 essence points per spell.  

Making Spell Attacks
When a spell prompts you to make a spell attack, roll a D20, add your proficiency modifier, and add your relevant ability modifier used for spellcasting (intelligence for Channelers, wisdom for Druids). Compare this total to the defense of each target your spell affects. If it equals or exceeds the target's defense, you hit, and may apply the full effects of the spell. Some spells still deal damage or have another effect, even on a miss. Unless otherwise state in the spell's description, if your spell effects multiple targets, roll one attack for all targets, not individual attacks for each target. 

Components of a Spell
Each entry for a spell will have the following information:
- Name: This is the name of the spell.
- Element: The type of spell being cast (i.e. Air Spell)
- Spell Level: This denotes the general power level of the spell being cast (apprentice, disciple, initiate, or master), as well as the minimum number of essence points that must be expended to cast the spell.
- Casting: This entry tells whether the spell can be cast as an action or a reaction, and lists the number of action points that must be expended to cast the spell. 
- Duration: This details how long the spell lasts. Most spells are instantaneous, ending as soon as the caster casts them, but some may be maintained. Spells that can last beyond the initial casting have a duration of "Concentration" followed by a number. This number denotes the action points that must be expended at the start of a character's turn in order to maintain the spell, otherwise it ends. 
- Range/Target: This entry describes the range of the spell and who it targets.
- Boost: Every spell can do things above and beyond its initial description by expending more essence points. 

Complete Spell List
This page has a list of all spells, sorted by element and power level, complete with links to individual descriptions. 


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